April Goals

Why do we wait until January 1st to write a list of new year resolutions when you can write a list of goals each month, or even at the start of every week. By saying your goals out loud and writing them down you create accountability for yourself to achieve them.
Long Island, NY
I spent the day reflecting on the beach (social distancing of course) to write down some goals I want to work on for the month of April. I suggest keeping your list small, as too many goals can be overwhelming and it can be upsetting when you don’t achieve every one of them. I wrote down my top 4 goals with 2 ways of how to achieve each. Don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of the month! Even if you don’t believe you fully achieved your goal, any progress is better than no progress. I contemplated starting this blog for 3 years but then one day I just started. Don’t overthink it, just pick a place and start.

Goal One: Have Healthier Habits

  1. Habit: Exercise 3-5 times a week, starting small and gradually increasing the time and days
  2. Habit: Drink the recommended 2 liters of water per day

Goal Two: Have More Confidence in Myself

  1. Habit: Stop all negative self talk
  2. Habit: Look in the mirror less often and don’t body shame myself

Goal Three: Grow My Blog

  1. Habit: Engage with other fashion bloggers and my audience
  2. Habit: Post inspiration fashionable content

Goal Four: Trust Others More

  1. Habit: Don’t be afraid to meet new people
  2. Habit: Let people in and don’t hold back the “bad” parts of myself

Reward: Treat yourself to 3 new pairs of shoes from Steve Madden!!

Click on the image below to print a goal planner to help you stay on track!

Botanical Paperworks

Comment your April goals below or message me them on IG!

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