#MondayMotivation Quarantine Edition: 5 Ways to Feel Accomplished Today

Start this week off fresh with positivity and optimism! Quarantine is nearing the end and life can hopefully begin to regain some normalcy again. But, while we are still quarantining it can be difficult to wake up each day and feel motivated to get things done. Feeling accomplished can be as simple as getting out of bed, or putting on jeans instead of sweatpants. You don’t need to complete an entire project or huge task in order to feel accomplished. Look at the little things you do that you may not want to do but you do anyway, you should feel accomplished for that! I hope this list inspires you to do a few things today to help you feel accomplished. You got this!

Ideas on How to Feel Accomplished Today:

1 Make your bed– it’s the first thing to start your day off on the right track

2. Eat a nutritious breakfast– it’s the best way to boost your metabolism!

3. Buy a few plants to take care of-succulents are very low maintenance and brighten up any room

4. Go for a walk– if you have a pet take them too!

5. Try a change in scenery– take a drive to the beach, marina or your favorite spot and sip your favorite drink while you listen to some music

If you have any helpful tips or ideas to add please comment them below and share this with a friend!

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