4 Ways to Wear: Biker Shorts

Quarantine means comfy clothes until May 15th, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style in the process. Biker shorts give you the best of both, with comfort for relaxing and just enough cute if you want to snap a selfie. Whether you’re working from home, chilling on the couch watching Netflix, or going on a walk around the neighborhood, biker shorts are the perfectly versatile piece you need to add to your wardrobe this season.

1. a black leather jacket

I love a good grunge look, and you can’t do grunge without a leather jacket. I paired a graphic tee with black biker shorts and a leather jacket and added some combat boots for the ultimate black-out look. This look can be subbed out with white biker shorts or tee to add some brightness to the look.

2. an oversized blazer

The perfect WFH outfit means business on top and well, whatever you want on the bottom. (no one sees my sweats on the Zoom calls anyway, right?) This look creates the perfect outfit for your work meeting video call while still remaining comfy and casual on the bottom. My favorite addition was the belt to cinch my waist and add extra dimension to the look.

3. a sweatshirt

Netflix and chillin’ by myself this quarantine, what about you? This is just about one of the easiest looks to create, so grab the popcorn and put on your favorite rom-com. I love my fun sweatshirts with humorous phrases or one’s I’ve collected from some of my favorite places. You can go for a monochromatic look like I did with this gray-fit or switch it up with patterns and a cropped sweatshirt.

4. a graphic band tee

I am LOVING band tees right now and the I love the color of this one. I went for a vibrant pastel look with these lavender biker shorts and washed out baby blue graphic tee. I obviously wasn’t sure how to wear my hair here but it shows you how versatile a biker short look can be! You can wear a hat for an athletic vibe or a colorful silk scrunchie for a more feminine look.

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