Spring Trends

What’s trending for spring? Well you’ve come to the right place. I always like to see what’s trending and also switch it up a bit with some of my favorite classics. Here are my favorite trends for this spring season.


This trend was one I wasn’t sure I could get used to, but one day I decided to just buy a pair and look how cute they look! I think depending on the style of overall, you might feel a bit childish but I say embrace it. This look made me feel cute and girly and this pair definitely won’t be my only pair.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are my new found favorite accessory. If you know me you know I love hats and this is definitely at the top of the list. I felt like I was going on a safari for this picture but love how urban this street-style inspired look came out.

Blue Light Glasses and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Let me tell you, these blue light glasses have been a life saver. Now that I do all of my work remotely, my eyes are straining from staring at the computer screen for hours. These glasses tint everything yellow and blocks out that irritating light from my laptop. As for cat eye sunglasses, these have been a staple in my sunglass collection for a few years now. Although, the frame has become a little bit more narrow as the years go on for a more vintage look.

Midi Skirts

Remember when mini skirts were “in” and “cool” and longer length skirts were not? Well thank goodness time have changed! Not only are midi skirts stylish and trending but damn are they comfortable! I hate having to constantly pull down my skirt, but I never have that problem with my midi skirts. The high slit or ruffles add the perfect bit of leg to get the same vibe from a mini skirt, without the hassle.

Biker Shorts

I was a bit hesitant about biker shorts last summer because I felt like they didn’t support my body type but F it. I’ve learned if you really like something, whether it be a maxi dress or biker shorts, if you like it who cares if it’s not “meant” for your body’s shape. Rock it girl!


This was a trend I welcomed back with open arms. Thanks to the well known Gucci belt, belts have become stylish and trendy again. I love grommet belts or patterned ones. Thinking about ordering that Gucci belt now? I know I sure am…

White Shoes

I think we are all loving this white shoe trend lately. White sneakers, boots, sandals, heels. You name it and I can guarantee you it’s trending right now. White is clean and crisp and is the perfect color all year round, to brighten up any look. I can’t wait to pick up a few new pairs of white heels for summer!

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