Trending: “It Was All Yellow”

A world full of yellow just makes everything happier. This is probably the first spring/summer season that I’ve truly embraced the color yellow. Usually I stick with the basics, but adventuring out and trying some new trends has been so much fun. What I love most about yellow is that the shades are limitless. You can do with a pastel yellow or mustard, vibrant or soft. Are you wearing yellow this season?

I am absolutely LOVING these yellow gingham pants from Forever 21. Not only are they super cute, but they are so comfortable and the fit is perfect. I have always loved gingham print, something about it just screams summer. The flare on the bottom of the pants accentuates the legs for a slimmer look and pairs great with a platform shoe. I paired these pants with a white ” dad sneaker”, as we like to call them, that adds some height and shows off that flare! Lettuce ribbed tops have also been a number one on my trend list this season. The cut of the hem and sleeve adds the perfect touch of feminine detailing.

I found a yellow beach chair on my walk, how perfect for this blog post, right?! This shade of yellow is slightly different than the previous one. It has a bit more vibrancy and a brighter hue. This color yellow reminds me of the sunshine and pairs great with cool tones. Many blue tones have underlying yellow highlights, which makes this a perfect pair with a light to medium wash denim short. I also added sunglasses with a blue tint to increase the brightness of the look. See how the light picks up those yellow tones??

Now how cute are these shorts? Definitely my favorite find! Forever 21 has been killin’ it lately. I absolutely fell in love with these daisy embroidered shorts, which was my inspiration for this yellow themed blog. The center of the daisy adds another dimension of yellow and the fray on these shorts adds a relaxed summer-time vibe. I can just picture myself walking around Greenport in these! I paired this look with a square shaped wicker handbag to add another summery aspect. It’s the same Micheal Kors bag in the picture above, just flipped around! (extra versatility is aways a bonus)

Remember those different shades of yellow I talked about? Well here you go! I told you how versatile the color yellow is! These mustard yellows pair great with colors you find in nature like green, lavender and neutrals. What is a surprising about yellow is that it’s one of the only warm colors on the color wheel that truly pairs perfectly with the cool color across and adjacent to it. I love this yellow phone bag from Kate Spade. It fits all the essentials! (Even a tube of lip gloss!)

What other trending colors do you want to see posts on?

Photos taken at East Wind and East Wind Shoppes

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