Take Time for You

Since starting my business 4 months ago, I’ve barely had any time for myself. I stopped working out daily and meal prepping. I stopped blogging and going on my daily walks to grab coffee. I stopped those little self care moments when I needed a break from the monotony of life and it’s responsibilities. Last week I spent $95 on my nails. Who the hell spends NINTY FIVE DOLLARS on their NAILS? But I needed it, I needed that self care moment after neglecting myself for 4 months. Life is going to move you in different directions all the time, but the important thing to remember is that you can’t let it move you. Stay grounded. Don’t lose sight of the things that make you feel good, and don’t push them to the side because you’re “too busy”. Take some time for you, everything else will still be there when you come back. But even more importantly, stop criticizing yourself when you need a break. If you don’t take breaks, you will break. Be proactive instead of reactive and take time for you

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