Hi everyone! Welcome to my wellness page. This is where I discuss my personal life and my struggles with the hopes to inspire and help others.

Here is the link to my own personal journey and my experience with mental health for you to read. I hope to make this page a place where you can get inspiration quotes and encouragement. I will also post specific goals of mine or tips and ideas for you to be well physically and mentally, as well as how to reach out to others. I hope to use my platform to create a sense of community, purpose and belonging because you all deserve to feel love and importance every single day of your beautiful life.

If you have any recommendations of posts or content you would like to see here, or anything you would like hear from me please feel free to email or DM me! And if you ever need anyone to talk to, my contact options are always open and I will always answer and listen. I hope you find this page helpful and are inspired to share your story when you are ready, or to reach out for some assistance when you need it. You are never alone in your struggles and your feelings are valid.

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