Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

That gap between the end of winter and truly warm weather is one of the most awkward transitions. One day it’s hot, the next day it’s cold. Do I wear a jacket or not? Can I wear a dress without freezing yet? We don’t know what season to set our wardrobe to or if we can pack up the boots and take out the wedges. Here are a few outfit ideas that can easily transition from winter to spring, while only changing a few of the elements. Have fun styling 😉

Look One: Cream Crop Top

Flare jeans rocked the 90’s and they’re back again for this spring! Ditch dark denim and pair it with a handbag with a pop of color; orange and yellow mini bags are trending this season. Combat boots are a great winter staple, but when paired with jeans try switching them out for a mule clog.

Winter Outfit
Spring Outfit

Look Two: Snakeskin Midi Skirt

Spring means less layers and long sleeves. Bye bye turtlenecks, we’ll miss you. Pairing any snakeskin print with a white top and sneakers brings out the vibrance of the look. And less layers doesn’t mean less layered jewelry, pile on the necklaces for a descending affect!

Winter Outfit
Spring Outfit

Look Three: Tan Trousers

Who doesn’t love graphic tees now a days? Trousers in any color can make an outfit, WFH ready. Try a strappy bodysuit to show off your tan and those shoulders you’ve been hiding all winter. Don’t forget to add a little highlighter on your collar bones and tops of your shoulders for extra shine.

Alexa Ferraro Blog
Winter Outfit
Spring Outfit

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